We as members of St Edmund’s parish try to live out our faith as Christians in the Roman Catholic Church as part of the Diocese of Clifton.   We are a people of hope who warmly welcome those who live and work in this area or who are just visiting. We are a community made up of all sorts of people – different ages and backgrounds, who together try to live out our Christian vocation by the way we live and by praying and worshiping together.  You are most welcome to join us for our regular celebrations of the Eucharist.  You will find a very warm and inclusive parish community in which you will easily find a spiritual home.

Please do pay us a visit!
Fr Michael Walsh
The Church of Saint Edmund’s Parish is situated on Oxford street in Calne.  We are part of the Trowbridge Deanery in the Clifton Diocese.  Our Church works in conjunction with our Parish school: Saint Edmund’s Roman Catholic Primary School.  Links to all these organisations are in the panel on the left entitled ‘Resources.
In our most recent news, we are please to report that we have secured enough funding for our straw bales church hall project. For those of you who don’t know what this is, basically we’re building a new church hall to replace the old one that is in danger of collapse, and we’re building it out of straw bales. This is a construction technique that is rising in popularity because of the Eco-friendliness of straw bales. Contrary to what a lot of people would think, straw bales do not present much of a fire risk, because the straw is packed so tightly together that the inside of these things is absent of oxygen, so it is extremely difficult for them to catch fire. We wish to extend our thanks to all of our congregation who gave money to help fund this project, as well as the three companies who donated grant money: Print Express; the London printing company, Discovery UK; the nationwide personal trainer courses provider, and Pixel Kicks; the Manchester based Web design agency.